5 Minute Shelves

This one is going to be short and sweet my friends, just like this project!  I don’t even know where I got the idea, it kind of just popped into my head- maybe I saw it somewhere, but I created these cute shelves in about 5 minutes and because I’m a material hoarder, it was FREE!  My favorite!

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  • cut wood
  • drill holes about 3/4″ in, in each corner of wood
  • cut rope to appropriate length for your area (mine were 20″)
  • push rope through holes and tie in a knot
  • mount on the wall

I used leftover pieces of planking that I had from a picket fence project (stay tuned, coming soon!), but you could really use any wood that you have laying around.  These shelves are 8 inches long, but this would work with any size.  In fact, I’m putting together in my head a multi-leveled and much longer system for this stupid alcove I have at the top of the stairs.

Drill holes about 3/4 inch in at each of the 4 corners.  Put something underneath it (see above) so you don’t drill through something important.  Although I chose 20 inches for the length of my string, you’ll probably want it longer if your boards are longer.  Or maybe you want them to hang lower or not quite so low.  This is a preference game.  I attached to the back of the shelf first, knotting the rope at the bottom and then for the front of the shelf I put the rope through both sides, knotted one side and then “mounted” to the wall before tying the other side to make sure that it would be even.  They can’t be tied exactly the same because the distance from the front of the shelf to the back changes the amount needed.  Why can’t my brain better describe what is actually going on?  I hope that made sense!

That is it guys!  This was the most simple project I’ve probably ever done, but it made such a big difference in my decor.  It added some dimension and texture to a very boring spot in my house that has been empty for 2 whole years because I couldn’t figure out what to put there!  I love when you get those aha! moments and it actually works out.

Tag me in your pics @salvage.gilbert when you finish your own 5 minute shelves!


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