About Me

Hello there!

My name is Jessica and I’m so excited that you’re here!

Salvage Gilbert was created to share my love of turning somebody else’s trash into treasure, as well as some other DIY projects along the way.  I get a serious kick out of saving things from the garbage, especially old furniture!  There is something so satisfying about walking past a refinished item in your home and remembering how plain/broken/ugly it was before taking the time to love on it.  If I can inspire someone to see the potential in a discarded and forgotten item, my mission will be complete!

I am definitely a DIY addict and there aren’t too many projects that I won’t tackle.  From installing my own concrete countertops and baseboards to craft projects and tricky recipes- I do it all.  Let’s not even get into how much time I spend on Pinterest.  Connecting with my kids through the projects we do together and watching their little creative minds work, sets my soul on fire and makes me crazy happy on a different level!

My style would best be described as eclectic.  Modern industrial farmhouse with a splash of bold colors and exceptionally large furniture?  Yes, thats a question mark because I really don’t know.  Contemporary?  I like big, chunky wood, subway tile, marble bathrooms, iron, concrete and leather, but my home would not be complete without my kids’ bright artwork displayed in every room and pops of obnoxious colors coming from random places- like my furniture.

So welcome!  Enjoy a cup of coffee with me (or a glass of wine, cheers!).  I can’t wait to hear about all of your exciting thrifty/salvaged finds and how you transform them into something to be re-loved again.


Some very random things about me:

I have 3 amazing little boys- Tyton (8), Rush (5) & Steele (>1)


My husband Ryan and I have been married for 7 years, together for 13!

I swear- like a lot.  It’s not intentional and I work so hard to not do it often in front of the kids.

Obtained a BS in Exercise Science with a minor in psych. from Arizona State in 2009.  Go Devils!

Ryan and I owned/ran a personal training studio together for 8 years and just closed it recently (March 2018). Don’t be surprised if you catch a few healthy recipes I create thrown in here randomly!


When we first started our business and were tight on cash, I would pull things out of the bulk trash pick up and flip it on Craigslist.

I decided to start Salvage Gilbert after watching a BBC show on Netflix, Money for Nothing.  The host goes to the local dump, saves 3 items and then with a little hard work and imagination turns them into treasures which she can sell for a profit.  While watching, I told Ryan that would be my dream job and he told me to do it.  Done!  I am very grateful that he always supports my dreams!

Garbage picker down to the core.  Often I pull things out of the trash that belong in recycling – and not just in my home.  Every little bit helps, right?!

Our family eats a mostly paleo diet due to food allergies and because it just makes us feel good.  I desperately miss real ice cream.

I have 4 tattoos

Biggest pet peeve:  when people don’t return their grocery carts.  I don’t know why, it’s such an odd hang up, but I can’t seem to get over it.

Working out/lifting is my jam!  I go to the gym almost every day as it keeps me grounded and helps with bouts of depression and anxiety.  Doesn’t hurt that it gives me a poppin’ booty as well!

Salvage Gilbert is very literal.  I am saving garbage -aka free treasure- from the town of Gilbert, and refinishing it.  I am literally salvaging Gilbert.

LOVE Fixer Upper and after watching a few seasons, Ryan and I thought it would be awesome to buy our own project house-pics are BEFORE.  So in August 2016 we did just that!  It’s like living in a construction zone, but it’s been so much fun to make every aspect exactly the way we (and by we, I mean I) want it.            

I suffer from a bad case of RBF, or Resting Bitch  Face.  People say I look murderous, when in reality I’m like half smiling.  I’m really not mad or mean, I promise!

Die hard sports mama right here.  It takes up a crazy amount of my time, but it keeps my kids active and makes them happy so it’s worth every second.

Because I try not to use disposable water bottles, I typically have no less than 10 cups/tumblers/mugs rolling around in my car.  I never forget to bring water with me, I just don’t remember to bring the cup back in.

Speaking of drinks- coffee is a necessity and red wine doesn’t hurt either, ya know what I mean?

When I retire, or kick my kids out, I dream of living in a cabin in the woods, on the lake.  Something small and cozy, but with a big workshop!  My husband prefers the ocean though, so I’d settle for a little bungalow on a beach.

I have a weird hobby of reading books that have been, or will be, made into a movie.  After reading the book, I watch the movie and compare.  The book always wins!

That’s probably enough random information about me, I feel like that was super long.  If you have any other questions, just ask!


My passion is creating and I am so excited to be able to share that with all of you. I hope you’ll visit often and share your thoughts and ideas with me!