Antique French Blue Dresser | Makeover

This dresser is just my favorite thing I’ve ever painted.  I mean, I really do feel that way about all of my pieces, but damn this thing is gorgeous!  When I first saw this cute little antique dresser, the color French Blue immediately popped into my mind.  I don’t have the color that I was thinking of, so I decided to play around and invent my own.  I went right to my stash of Old Barn Milk Paint and got to mixing.

I decided on the ratio on the top which ended up being 1/3 cup Weathervane with 1 1/2 Tbsp. Silhouette.  Isn’t the color just so pretty?  It has a hint of gray and even though I thoroughly mixed the paint, it is slightly streaked with variations of the color… exactly what I wanted!

This dresser was in very good shape when I got it, with the exception of the bottoms of the drawers needing to be replaced.  They were just warped from the years and didn’t sit well in their spaces anymore.  I couldn’t repair the top drawer though because someone had glued it into place so well that I would’ve destroyed the drawer to replace it.  Luckily it wasn’t in too bad of condition, mostly cosmetic which the paper covered anyways.

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Those floors are clean BTW, they are just that scuffed up (insert eye roll)


  • Repair top of dresser
  • Remove and clean hardware
  • Sand
  • Clean with TSP
  • Tape off drawers
  • Paint
  • Replace drawer bottoms
  • Seal
  • Line with paper
  • Add hardware

From the beginning I knew that I was going to leave the top drawer, legs and bottom decorative section natural.  I so badly wanted to do the top too, but the previous owner had “repaired” the area where there was a mirror attached before and destroyed the space.  I filled it in with my favorite Minwax filler, but don’t love what stain does with wood filler so I decided to paint it.

You’re probably thinking “what the H is this a picture of?”… it’s a close up of a drawer.  I just love that even though I super sanded this entire piece, the milk paint really captured the texture of the wood.  This is the #1 reason I choose to use milk paint; it covers and adds color without changing the piece.  It’s thick enough to not see through it, but not so thick that it fills in things that I don’t want to fill… like wood grain.

When it came to the legs I decided to half sand them, just enough to remove the previous topcoat, but not enough to completely strip it.  I love it because you can see the “love” it has gotten from all the years.

When it came to sealing it, I used my favorite product- hemp oil.  It seals and protects, but doesn’t leave it shiny like a poly would.  If you look at my posts, I’m very obviously in love with the matte look LOL!

Check out how beautiful this hardware turned out just by scrubbing with some Bar Keeper’s Friend!  It’s amazing what a little elbow grease will do.  This paper is also amazing!  It’s from the Opalhouse collection at Target.

I’m super serious that if someone doesn’t snag this quickly, I’ll probably just get rid of the console table I have next to my stairs right now and replace it with this.  She’s just soooo pretty!

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