Bling Safety Glasses

Are these just the coolest bling safety glasses you have ever seen!?

Ever since I demo’d the 2200 sq. ft. of tile in my house, I have gotten used to wearing the big chemistry style safety goggles, but the problem is- they make my eyeballs sweat!  Then I don’t wear them when I should; like when I was sanding the other day and thought “no, I’ll be ok without glasses” and then immediately got a chunk of dust in my eye.  Not a speck, a chunk!

I realized that I need to be more responsible and wear some sort of protection, but the chem goggles had to go.  Went to Amazon to see what was popular and the 3M ones I picked out were sleek, cheap and had good reviews.  I knew I could snaz them up a bit with some Swarovski crystals that I had left over from making my own suits in my bikini competition days – don’t judge! LOL

The first thing my friend said when I described the bling safety glasses I wanted to make, was “that’s a little extra.”  Darn right it is!  Why be boring when it is so easy and inexpensive to add a little pizazz and set yourself apart?

It is kind of silly actually, but I smile whenever I see them and it makes my selfies extra fun!  The crystals don’t obstruct my vision in any way so they are just as safe.

So, since I know you want a pair as cool as mine, here are the step by step directions on how I make my bling safety glasses come out perfectly and not look like I just randomly glued some stones on.

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Supply List for Bling Safety Glasses:

Safety Glasses  -these are the exact ones I used from 3M

Clear Gorilla Glue -super tough clear glue

Swarovski Crystals – 100 pieces, flat back combo pack from Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc..  Make sure to use a 40% coupon!

Piece of paper, pen/marker, toothpick


  1. Put the glasses face down on your sheet of paper and trace. 
  2. Set stones on the sheet of paper and move them around to find the design that you like best. When it came to actually following the plan, it worked out perfectly, except for the middle part by the nose bridge.  I just worked these row by row, going from top to bottom. 
  3. Put a dab of glue on something you can throw away- paper, foil, etc. and dab the end of the toothpick into it.  Place dot of glue on desired spot and stick on the crystal that belongs there according to your paper design.  I started on the sides and worked my way to the middle.
  4. Let dry for 24 hours!  It stays put after 15 minutes, but you really want to give it that full 24 hours to cure.
  5. Clean up any glue mess on the lenses with nail polish remover.
  6. Take a cute selfie with them 🙂


A couple of tips:  I broke it up into sections because the glue wasn’t drying very fast and the stones were slipping a bit as I moved the glasses.  I tried to use super glue to make it stick really fast- bad bad bad idea!  My fingers stuck together, it got on the stones and took away the shininess and didn’t make the process any faster.  Although the glue didn’t dry as fast as I would’ve liked I would choose it again because once it does dry the stones WILL NOT ever fall off.  Made a slight mistake and didn’t notice it until the next day, tried to remove the stone and it wouldn’t budge despite using all my strength.

I hope you love these bling safety glasses as much as I do!  I would LOVE to see yours when you are done, so please tag @salvage.gilbert in your photos on IG or add it in the comment section here!


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    • Laura
    • June 11, 2018

    Super Cute! Hmm… Maybe good old St. Nick will leave a pair in my stocking this year. 😉

      • Jessica
      • June 11, 2018

      with rainbow crystals!?

    • Kasey V Farley
    • June 12, 2018

    I love these glasses

      • Jessica
      • June 12, 2018

      Thanks Kasey! They’re so fun! I feel like I need to do a colored pair next

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