Chair Painted by My Kids

I needed a chair for my workshop that was taller than a regular chair, but shorter than a bar stool.  Easy to find, right?  Not if you’re cheap like I am- they are like $60 and didn’t even swivel.  So when I found this old beauty at Goodwill for $5 I snatched it up.

When I brought it home, the kids asked if they could paint it since I would be keeping it and I thought that was an amazing idea!  I love their art and it would be special for me to have something from them that I would use all the time out in my workshop.

I can’t believe that I forgot to take before pictures smh.

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We went on a little trip to Hobby Lobby to get acrylic paints (you can get them at any craft store, Target, Walmart, etc.) where I steered them into the color scheme that I wanted, but let them pick out what they liked.  When we got home they decided what sections they wanted to paint and then we taped the rest off with Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape.  They did a pretty bad job on the sanding actually, but scuffed it up enough for the paint to stick so that’s all that matters.  After a quick wipe down with a damp rag, they let it dry and then got to work!

Please ignore my hot mess of a garage.

I let them have complete creative control with it.  It is so fun to see their little personalities shine through their designs.  They decided to go with more of a color block style and although they originally broke it up into their own sections, my sweet little guys ended up helping each other.

Its hard to see through pictures, but they really took their time to perfectly form their own blend of colors!  I was impressed with the way they would swirl their brushes around to get it just how they wanted.

When the boys were done we let it dry overnight and I covered it with a coat of Minwax Satin Poly.  I will say this, the poly works great and does it’s job, but SATIN my eye!  It’s pretty darn shiny.  Oh well.

So there is my beautiful new chair painted by my kids!  If you have the opportunity to find a super cheap chair for your kids to turn into a masterpiece, I highly recommend it.  The project cost about $10 total and entertained them for a couple of hours.  The boys are super proud of themselves and I get to enjoy their artwork on a daily basis for years to come!

Is this a project you would do with your family?  I think I’ll have my guys make another one for my office!  I would love to see the final result if you get a chance to do it!

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