Repurposed Sewing Table

When I first saw this sewing table I probably stood there and just stared at it for a solid 5 minutes.  What could I possibly do with it?  The sewing machine was gone and a new one wouldn’t fit in that space.  I had no ideas, but I just loved it and couldn’t let someone else snatch it.

It actually came to me in a dream, but I decided that it had to be blue and I wanted it to be like a plant table/potting stand.  Of coarse, this would also be an amazing bar cart or even just entryway table, so I demonstrated it as all of the above.  I am so proud of this repurposed sewing table.

Milk paint was a perfect choice for my chippy, plant filled vision and I chose the color Chesterfield by Old Barn Milk Paint.  I honestly love their paint so much that I just ordered 7 more colors.

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  • Sewing table -thrifted
  • Sander & 180 grit sandpaper
  • 1 in. x 12 in. x 4 ft. Pine Common Board
  • Small brackets
  • Old Barn Milk Paint in Chesterfield
  • Old Barn Milk Paint Hemp Oil
  • Rags to wipe off Hemp Oil
  • Knobs- Hobby Lobby


  1. Remove old machine parts
  2. Cut and install shelf
  3. Sand to your liking
  4. Paint, scrape, paint, scrape
  5. Seal with hemp oil
  6. Hardware

Anytime you find an old sewing machine table, chances are there are still some random parts left in it, even if the machine is gone.  I only had to take off a little flappy piece that held the machine in and then there was a death trap piece with springs that I was very worried would chop my fingers off when I released the tension.  I like my fingers, so I put an oven mitt on just in case.  I’m happy to say that all my digits are still intact.

I played with several ideas on what to do with the opening where the sewing machine was.  Initially I thought it would be cool to insert a box, but then decided on a shelf to maximize the space.  There was a random strip of wood that must’ve held something in place, so I left it and used it as a way to hold one side of the shelf up.  I then took a set of small brackets and installed them on the other side.  To make it even, I used a level before screwing it in.

Playing with milk paint is so much fun because you can sand places harder so the paint sticks better or just go over it lightly like I did in many spots on this table so that more of the original wood would show through.


The top was already really loved on- worn and a bit splotchy, but I wanted to preserve some of that!  When I see a very well used piece of furniture it makes me think of all the history it could’ve had.  I did a very light sanding on the top and roughed it up quite a bit before adding a second coat of paint and doing it again.  When applying the second coat I dry brushed it on to get the variations in color and it came out just as I had imagined.  The shelf I cut wasn’t the same kind of wood as the rest so I sanded it well to avoid any chipping so that it would blend in better.

After drying I brushed on the hemp oil.  Two coats were used on the tops to keep it extra safe for beverages and such.  The color was already beautiful before I used the oil, but is just amazing with it.  This is my new favorite color and I came up with 2 other pieces that I want to use it on.

The original hardware was beautiful after I took the time to clean it all up, but just didn’t look right with it.  I went to Hobby Lobby and found these gorgeous bronze knobs hiding in the bottom corner.  Luckily I took the time to really look through each section because it didn’t even have a sample knob out to see like all the rest.  I think they really help pull that natural wood color out and complement that shade of blue perfectly.  By the way, I loved them so much I bought every one they had LOL!  I feel like a knob hoarder.

So that’s it!  What would you use this repurposed sewing table for?  Do you like the bar cart or planter option better?


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  1. Reply

    This turned out awesome! Love it as a gardening bench but it really does make a perfect self serve bar for the holidays when all of your valuable counter space is used up for serving food.

      • Jessica
      • June 11, 2018

      I really like it as a bar too! You could put all kinds of snacks up there.

  2. Reply

    Ahhh I love it! I want that in mah house! I love the planter version and those knobs are perfect!

      • Jessica
      • June 12, 2018

      I knew you’d love it! I think I would use it as a planter on the open side and then put keys, lamp, etc on the other.

    • Rita
    • June 12, 2018

    I love it either way! The color is gorgeous.

      • Jessica
      • June 12, 2018

      I love this color too! I’m thinking I need to either use it for nightstands or a dresser

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