Silhouette Bassett Credenza | Makeover

I found this cutie at Goodwill and am still kicking myself for not also purchasing the matching buffet.  It had some pretty serious water and shelf damage though that I wasn’t sure I could repair, but still, having the matching set would be awesome and I’m sure I would’ve figured it out!  Either way, I am in love with this credenza makeover.

When I find furniture, I know almost immediately what I want it to look like, but this time I was stuck between a pale blue or black.  I loved the original hardware, so that is what was throwing me off.  I thought black would really accentuate it and decided on using milk paint because I wanted a matte look and feel that it’s best achieved that way.  And I was right!  Man oh man, I am patting myself on the back over this one.  With just a little distressing, I feel this piece holds its old charm, but really makes the modern in this mid-century modern POP.

Another cool thing about this piece, was that it came with a little box in one of the drawers!  In it was a set of the real original hardware and a receipt for the replacements dated 1977.  It makes me think that the same owner had it the whole time.  I almost looked up the name from the receipt (not captured for privacy) on Facebook to send them a message, but thought that might make me a creeper.

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  • Repaired a loose piece in the back with wood glue and light sanding
  • Removed and cleaned hardware with Bar Keeper’s Friend
  • Sanded like crazy to a smooth finish
  • Taped off inside
  • Painted 2 coats of Silhouette
  • Lightly sanded with 600 grit
  • Protected and finished with 2 coats of Hemp Oil

This credenza makeover was a pretty easy one because it was in such great shape.  Just a little one inch piece of loose wood that had half split in the back was the only repair, which I put back with wood glue.

Removed the doors and drawers as well as the hardware.  Then I sanded it to death because it was very textured and a little bit of water damage on the top was making it even worse.  I bought that new mouse sander though and it saved me so much time!  Usually I do it by hand, but this project A. was too big and B. I REALLY wanted the milk paint to stick so I would only have a little bit of distressing and the sander made it super even.

I gave it a nice wipe down and taped off the edges since that hardware couldn’t be removed and also the inside to have a perfect line.  Now comes the fun part!  All it took was 2 coats of this perfect Silhouette milk paint to transform this beauty right in front of me.  I lightly sanded the entire thing by hand with 600 grit sandpaper and wiped down again with a dry shop towel.

The chip brush is my favorite for hemp oil- DO NOT use a good brush.  The stuff does not wash out and no matter how much you clean it, it will be hard as a rock in a few days.  Lost a brand new $13 brush that way.  Anyways, just followed the directions on the bottle and wiped off with one of the kids’ holy shirts.

One of my favorite parts is cleaning the hardware!  Its tedious AF, but I love old hardware and it really brings it back to life.  Check out this difference!

Isn’t it amazing how a few hours of love and some paint can completely transform something so outdated into something so gorgeous?  Oh, and I didn’t even mention that it’s on casters!  I now think that every piece of furniture should have casters, it made my life so much easier.

So what do you think friends?  I really feel like I’m leaving something out so if you have any questions, just ask.  And if you haven’t used milk paint yet, don’t be afraid to try it.  It really is my new favorite type of paint now, it’s just so versatile!

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