White and Natural Wood MCM End Table | Makeover

Is anybody else oddly addicted to lonely only single end tables?  No, just me?  I don’t know what it is about them, but when I see one sitting all by itself, I just have to save it!  Like it has feelings and will be sad that it’s not a pair.  No one ever said I’m not weird…

I scooped up this cutie MCM Drexel end table because the shape was just gorgeous and that shark tooth looking hardware was really fun!  The original color was also so pretty, but was quite worn and I knew I would need to strip it down.  Maybe some day I’ll remember to take a picture before I start… I only had this in my phone because I sent it to show a friend my finds.

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  • Repair back leg
  • Strip/sand all the things
  • Tape off drawer and block
  • Paint
  • Sand with 600
  • Seal with hemp oil
  • Polish hardware

The first thing I needed to do was a small repair on the bottom of one of the legs, as it had separated.  A quick glueing and some Minwax Wood Filler got it looking like new again.  While my wood filler dried, I took the time to clean up this awesome hardware!  I learned to do this early on in the project just in case your hardware is beyond a good cleaning.  Then if you need to use different hardware that’s not compatible with your holes you can fill them with wood filler BEFORE you paint.

With the way the lines are in this piece, I just felt like I needed to leave the top and these side parts natural.  I sanded them like crazy, first with 80 grit, then 240, and lastly 600 until it was super smooth and all of the stain was gone.  Do a nice wipe down and then repeat with TSP.

Out came the blue painter’s tape for the drawer and to block off the sides.  I wanted to get the inner crease white, so I made sure to perfectly line out the “block.”

What I love most about this Stoneware milk paint is the shade.  It isn’t bright white, it has a slight gray hue to it.  The paint took 3 coats instead of the usual two, but I also didn’t prime it first.  I just don’t love the way milk paint looks over primer.  I decided though to use the additive to keep my milk paint from chipping on this end table.  I just envisioned a crisp white against that beautiful grain and I got it!

When I was done painting, I did a quick all over hand sanding with the 600 grit and then sealed the whole thing twice with hemp oil.  After using hemp oil and wax for a while now, I much prefer the hemp oil.  It’s definitely a bit messier/stinkier, but the finish doesn’t collect fingerprints like the wax can.  As far as time goes, it may be a little quicker using hemp oil, especially on larger pieces.

This end table has a lot of character because even after sanding it to death on the top, you can still see some wear marks and the edge doesn’t match the top or the sides.  Some people may not love that look, but I find it to be fascinating and different.  I’m all about seeing the perfection in the imperfection.

So now this Drexel end table is full of new life!  It’s modern lines mixed with the natural wood top and crisp white would fit in just about any home.

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